How to Make an Optimal Learning Environment for Your Next Event

Make a statement on environment sustainability at your next event and consider these ways to make it an eco-friendly affair.

Events meant to educate attendees are tasked with creating an environment that is optimal for instruction and helping attendees retain information long after the sessions have ended. When aiming to educate attendees, keep these details in mind while constructing your next event. Doing so can help you measure the success of your event and improve in the future


Good Relationships

Do you remember your favorite teacher from school? Is it safe to say, whether you are an expert in their field of study or not, there was established trust between you and your instructor? We learn best from those we have good relationships with. What better way to establish a good relationship with your attendees by being as attentive to their needs as possible. This can be shown by curating an attentive staff to ease the process of navigating the event - From the registration table, to hospitality, to the speakers, making guests feel welcomed makes them more receptive to your message. A individualized event experience is what attendees will remember.



How your message is conveyed can make all the difference in how attendees retain it.

  • Clear – Refine your message until it is clear and unmistakable so that your content reiterates your message. Make sure the overall message is not lost in a flood of information. This also applies to literal clarity. Invest in good audiovisual equipment so that listeners don’t strain to hear and see your information during your event.
  • Accessible – We all have different learning styles. How we retain information can boil down how we receive it. Are you using audio and video components in tandem to further drive your speaker’s message? Are you using interactive elements such as polls and custom event apps to engage attendees? Are there activities planned that allow event goers to interact with one another? When taken into consideration, all these things can enhance attendees’ ability to learn.Classroom_Breakout



Any good instructor knows to adjust their technique for their students. Today the event industry has gone a step further with making data from event accessible in real time with wearable engagement. This makes producers and event vendors able to adjust their message, their delivery and other factors to better impact their interactions with attendees during the event and for future events to come.


Reward Success

Give attendees incentives for engaging with your content. Rewards can range from swag items to personal promotions during the event. A reward can even be as simple as a shout out or something to memorialize the experience to those who actively participate in activities. Rewards encourage attendees to engage with your content and each other which makes the experience fruitful and exciting for everyone.


The “Classroom”

The physical space that makes up your event makes all the difference in how attendees consume your information. An interactive and engaging environment might be the best way to convey your message while some might respond better to a still "classroom-like" setting. Having multiple types of layouts can add variety and stimulation needed to keep attendees in-tune with your message. See what works best for you and make it your own.


If you’re looking to introduce new ideas and innovative tech to your next educational event, LSAV POWERHOUSE can help you source the technology and resourced that best fits your needs. Check out our portfolio here or reach out to us for a 1:1 conversation so we can help you bring your goals to life.


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