Wearable Engagement is Changing How We Interact at Events

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From amusement parks to healthcare to retail, industry leaders are using wearable technology to engage with their users in new ways. The accessibility users and industry leaders gain with wearable tech adds limitless efficiency and data insight for both parties. Here are just a few benefits of wearable engagement in an event and trade show environment.

What is Wearable Technology
Wearable teach comes in many forms. One of the more notable appearances of wearable engagement, the Fitbit, requires users to regularly check the data it collects for them to gain the optimal results with their workouts. Wearable tech is meant to personalize the wearer’s experience in a convenient and portable device. Wearable engagement for events works in a similar way. Worn devices used at events are meant to add ease to attendee’s event experience while keeping them connected to the content all around them.

A Flick of the Wrist
Wearable tech makes everyday exchanges even easier. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) wristbands, badges and other worn items can be used to expedite queues at events or pay for items with a simple tap – allowing attendees a simplified experience of their surroundings. Some technology allows attendees to exchange contact information wirelessly with one another. Wearable tech also decreases competition with other technology that’s sure to distract attendees. Cell phones, in particular, that also act as wallets for many, can be replaced with RFID wearable tech. Imaging having to carry only one item throughout the day, minimizing the risk of losing personal valuables and letting you focus solely on your event experience.

Cant Wait to See Your Results? – Now You Don’t Have To
For event producers, wearable engagement is a solution to the issue of measuring attendee engagement during an event. The flow of the attendee’s experience, what drives them and what’s in high demand is normally not determined until after the event when such data can be collected and used in the future. With wearable engagement, producers can access what attendees are gravitating to and adjust their marketing strategy in real time to cater to their demands. Wearable tech thus in turn, allows seamless communication between attendees and producers by providing the best and most relevant content to make the event a successful one.


All in all, wearable engagement is a move towards innovation for all industries. Developers are increasing the range of RFID tech and exploring cloud based solutions to increase memory of RFID items just to name a few. The possibilities for the future of wearable tech at events is limitless, even more reason to consider how to utilize it for your next production.

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