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Three MUST-HAVE Digital Signage Technologi

Check out the latest digital signage elements for your next event.dkffjkd

John Kavanagh

Intelligent technologies have heightened expectations for how we should engage the customers experience. Recent years have seen technology transform the face of corporate and entertainment events alike, and events that would have been cutting edge less than a decade. 

Today conference attendees expect high levels of digital interaction and enhancement. Digital signage is a versatile option that can take your event to the next level through a variety of creative applications that will actively engage your conference attendees.

At LSAV POWERHOUSE we constantly search out leading edge event technologies.

Check out the three must-have digital signage elements at your next event.

#1 Invite Conversation with Real-Time Social Feeds

Social media is all about sharing and actively connecting. Thoughts, feelings, reactions, pictures, opinions – today’s conference attendees want to share them all, and digital signage gives them a platform to do so in real time. Create an event page on social media or assign a custom hashtag to the event, or even a custom snap chat filter, then watch the comments and experiences pour in.

Consider a custom LED monitor wall, or kiosk stations within the common areas of your event to share a live social media feed. Conference attendees will help extend the core message, exponentially impacting a greater audience.

#2 Dynamic Floor Maps and Room Layouts

Holding a conference in a large venue with multiple meeting spaces, or a convention with a complex floor plan for the tradeshow area? Consider creating digital wayfinding signage for a highly visible, easy to read option that will make navigation as exciting as it is simple. For a truly heightened experience, digital maps may be animated to highlight important areas, guide guests to their destination, or even be touchscreen-equipped for personalized directions and queries.

Interactive maps are not only fun to engage with – they can also be cost and time effective. Content is constantly changing right up to the time of event. Eliminate, costly large format paper re-prints. For attendees, interactive maps and session updates are critical to maximize the fully connected attendee experience.

#3 Capture Measurable Results with Live Polling

Audience engagement is paramount for capturing measurable results with real time polling. Enhance your sessions with immediate presenter and attendee interaction. Today, the live digital poll is conducted through an app or via text message. Just press a button or send a quick text and audience members can watch in real time as their peers respond, with the results digitally displayed in eye-catching graphics on screen. Attendees want to know that their voices are heard and their opinions are valued. A live poll on digital signage, or within your conference sessions, demonstrates just that.

Live polls will also provide valuable feedback to speakers, even as they present. It is a great way for the audience to engage in the content and the speaker use as valuable take away feedback.

Innovative and Creative Approaches

At LSAV POWERHOUSE, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader for digital and interactive live-event technology solutions. Rather than following a cookie-cutter formula for event planning, we recognize that every event is different and that each company we work with has its own unique goals and message. Check out our portfolio to get a sense of the level of dedication and creativity we put into every single event we plan.


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