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How to Make Your Next Event a Green One

Make a statement on environment sustainability at your next event and consider these ways to make it an eco-friendly affair.

Intricate design, flashy performances and renowned speakers are all impactful features that can make your event memorable. The trend setting doesn’t have to stop there. With all the resources spent on showy displays, why not consider going green for your next event? Make a statement on environment sustainability at your next event and consider these ways to make it an eco-friendly affair.

Stop the Presses

Printing out agenda items and event schedules can cost thousands of dollars; you’re also probably tired of seeing your thoughtfully designed brochures in the trash or trampled on the venue floor. Put the event schedule in the attendees’ hands with a custom app. Event producers work hand in hand with app developers to bring your signature brand in digital form while giving attendees the same information they’d receive in a printed brochure straight to their phone or tablet. Your wallet and the earth will thank you.

Anyone Down for a Walk?

Having your event in a city center can reduce the travel time and distance for attendees. With public transportation more accessible and a host of hotels to choose from, attendees can either walk to the event venue or travel a short distance together via public transit. Doing so cuts down on carbon emissions from separate car rides for commuters and contributes to your green theme.

Have You Had Your Greens?

Going vegan isn’t just a growing trend for the health conscious, catering vegetarian and vegan options can also be a way of making your event eco-friendly. Adding greens to the menu can cut costs on catering but also add healthy options for all attendees, not just the health conscious. Go above and beyond by using local caterers to minimize fuel emissions

Rethink Your Typical Swag Bag

Swag items are a great (and literal) takeaway at events. In addition to a memorable experience, attendees walk away with mementos from their time there. To promote an eco-friendly event, consider giving out linen or reusable grocery bags instead of the popular drawstring bags. Replace plastic water bottles with thermoses and glass bottles. Take it a step further and replace the physical “swag bag” with a digital one – online coupons, subscriptions and memberships attendees can access from their phone or PC. No bag stuffing needed!

Rethink your Essentials – But Make it Green

While planning your event, consider what items have a biodegradable alternative. Paper name tag stickers can take the place of plastic name badges. Consider wooden or bamboo eating utensils over the standard plastic cutlery if the event doesn’t call for metal silverware to reduce waste.

Lastly, picking a venue that coincides with your green agenda is an excellent way to make your event eco-friendly. Many venues take measures to make their space green such as energy efficient lights and construction that allows ample natural light, water efficient appliances as well as on site recycling. Research what venues harp on their sustainability efforts and see how they can give you innovative twists to your next event.

Stand out and make a statement in your industry by hosting events that impact attendees long after the event. Check out our portfolio here or reach out to us for a 1:1 conversation about your goals.


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