Mission Critical Internet

Since 2013, LSAV has worked with the emerging Chicago based company kCura on their Annual Users Conference. kCura, one of the nation’s premier EDiscovery companies, also asked LSAV to provide services for their quarterly all employee meetings taking place at various venues in the Chicago area.

This spring, they approached us looking for a solution to provide a backup plan in the event that a venue’s internet service failed during a meeting. The concern was that one of the venues internet services did fail during a meeting in the past and they wanted some reassurance that they could move quickly to a reliable backup plan.

We gathered the IT team and put together an inline networking system that locks into multiple data carriers, constantly scanning and locking into the most solid systems among them for rock solid internet access not affiliated with the given venue. We tested it in multiple settings and in different areas around Chicago before we took it on-site for the first of these quarterly meetings.

When it came time for the event to begin, the venue’s internet system failed 5 minutes before the opening session. This was a problem because the presentation was shared to other employees via Webcasting. However, LSAV’s system was at the ready and without anyone realizing it, we switched to our “Bonded Cellular” system and the internet was up and running.

This is just an example of what a dedicated staff of professionals can do in partnership with a client to come up with some inventive solutions.
That’s LSAV. That’s what we do.

Rich Green
Vice President of Sales