Help Your Attendees to Network with Live Mix!

At live events, everyone scrolls the social networks on their smartphones. LSAV launched a compelling solution to draw social media posts right from the attendees’ fingertips to the widescreen for audiences and the online world to see.

Top 5 Features of  Live Mix:

1. Live social media walls and multi-monitor displays project audience’s Facebook statuses, tweets, Instagram pictures, and Foursquare check-ins.

2. Customizable graphics give the look and feel of the company brand to capture your audience’s attention with innovative, colorful animation.

3. Moderation is available before the posts appear on-screen by manually approving the updates or pre-selecting key phrases to be filtered.

4. Advertisement and sponsorship opportunities can increase exposure for sponsors and produce additional revenue.

5. Post-event analytics measure the number of users, impressions, and reach from your attendees.