Light Box Solution

A High Profile Look that Accommodates Your Budget!

Capture the attention of your audience with our dynamic scenic solution: Light Box!

Customized Designs

LSAV’s proprietary frame and panel system; “Frame Tech” consists of aluminum frame support structures skinned with hook and loop applied panels.  Light Box employs translucent panels as the skin, and employs front and/or back lighting to produce a glowing scenic property. In addition, it can be constructed into any shape and size to meet your scenic specifications.

Modular and Versatile

No matter what your technical specs are, Light Box can scale to the size and look you want.  It’s configurable with angles and curves, screen surrounds, and can be built to levels and layers.  It can overlay graphics and augment lighting to create variable and changing looks, to support any branding, themed or emotive aesthetic.

Cost Effective

It stands like a hard set, but is super light weight so it can be rigged or floor supported without requiring significant additional equipment.  No extra motors or heavy duty decks required.

Logisitically Friendly

Light Box packs up in a couple of road cases to minimize shipping and handling costs.  It goes easily in and out of standard doorways.