Digital Signage Solution

Transform and Reuse Content at Every Live Event!

Brand-Animate your next event with LSAV’s digital signage solution!

This communication platform provides vibrant and interactive features that will deliver a variety of information, customizable design options and on-site editing tools.  Print signage is expensive.  It’s bland.  It’s static.  Worst of all, you throw it away after each event.  Digital content is fresh and exciting.

Features and Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Compelling attraction – design capabilities include motion graphics to grab the viewers attention
  • Versatile messaging – Educates, informs and entertains in the same space
  • Flexible production – Electronic content extends publishing deadlines and enables  onsite updates
  • Revenue generation – Provides additional sponsorship opportunities
  • Eco-friendly – eliminates printed material waste
  • Labor efficient – Manage content from central or even remote locations
  • Audience engagement – Incorporate social media feeds for attendee interactivity
  • Cost effective – Synchronized networks, reduced logistics management