Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Videographer

It’s time for your big day and who better to capture it than your videographer. There are so many fun types of effects to work with. Time lapses have become quite popular in the event industry along with documentary style speaking in place of voice overs. With a videographer, you will be able to market your brand in a way that will reach those near and far.

Here are the top questions to ask:

  1. What is your film style? It is very important that their style fits your brand. Some styles could include: documentary, journalistic, artistic, cinematic and traditional.
  2. What is your experience level? Find out which kinds of events they have done before- meetings, general sessions, weddings, special events
  3. Do you have samples of your work? Always ask to see their portfolio. It is the best way to determine their style and level of experience.
  4. Do you have a pricing I can see? The answer everyone is looking for. See if they have a price list or if it is listed on their website.
  5. Is there anyone else working with you? If so, make sure to see samples of their work too.
  6. How do you work with photographers? Some videographers will work side by side with photographers. See who is a part of their team.
  7. Have you worked with my venue before? If they have, then they can possibly show you their work form that venue before.
  8. What types of video do you have? Instant replay, highlight reel, live streaming, trailer etc.
  9. Do you have special effects? See what kind of effects your videographer can offer you.
  10. What other equipment do you offer with your services? Lighting, microphones etc.