How To: Incorporate Social Media and Build Brand Loyalty


The big day has come. The attendees start to roll in and brand advocates take their places. Everyone is on their tablets or smartphones tweeting and posting to Instagram with your hashtag. To everyone, this integration is effortless. However, without strategic planning, none of this would be possible. Here are some tips on how to incorporate social media successfully at your next event.

  1. The event hashtag is everywhere! On the mobile app, marketing materials, social media walls, emails prior to the event. You name it, its there.
  2. Twitter handles are displayed on name badges. Ask for the for attendees twitter handle on their register form (optional) and distribute the list to everyone in their attendee packets. Connecting everyone is then effortless.
  3. Incorporate social media educators. Social media check points are located in the hallways, breakout rooms and the general session. Educators can answer questions, entice attendees to post (sponsor a contest or receive a free t-shirt) and work with photographers to capture shots of the attendees.
  4. Incorporate social media moderators. These executives are responsible for monitoring all social media that has the event hashtag. In addition, any complaints or questions are quickly addressed.
  5. Ask the speakers to promote the social media. Have them encourage the audience to tweet their questions and post quotes from the panel.
  6. Display social media walls. As they event continues, people will gather at large monitors to see their posts. From here, the excitement continues to build.

To see an example of how social media is incorporated for live events, check out the social media solution, Live Mix, created by LSAV. at: