How to: Build Trusted Partnerships with Sponsors

Gain event sponsors with these tips!

  1. Think about what brands not only coincide with yours, but add to it.
  2. Make sure that this is a win-win marketing opportunity for both parties. Sponsors who utilize the resources given to them by the event will be remembered.
  3. Consider implementing “promotional months.” Have particular teams promote the sponsorship within their areas of the company. Some ways to do this are to talk up the sponsor on social media, blog and send emails out to event attendees.
  4. Event staff has to provide the sponsor with a checklist of what is needed from them and deadlines for goals and objectives.
  5. Sponsorship packets should be clear and concise. Determine what you want out of each sponsorship.
  6. Create an innovative space for your sponsors with specific allotted time and visibility that will make their presence known.
  7. What will the sponsors access be to the event? Will you provide them with free passes, access to specific sessions, database etc? This may vary from sponsor to sponsor depending on their brand.
  8. Overall, make a business model out of a sponsors involvement. Sponsors should be exciting and engaging for your event staff and attendees. Thus, building a trusted partnership from start to finish.