Tips for Keynote Speakers: How to Build Rapport with Your Audience

  1. Research your target audience and get to know who they are
  2. Find opportunities to engage your audience with humor
  3. Do not write your speech to fill the entire time you have allotted. Be flexible
  4. Make a good first impression with a positive attitude and energy
  5. Build your credibility with a strong opening
  6. Keep the interest of your audience with humor and key conclusions throughout your speech
  7. “Make a point. Tell a story. Tell a story. Make a point,” is the public speaking mantra Use the model to build rapport
  8. Use variety in your voice. Change the tone and pace so your audience can emotionally identify with your story or conclusions
  9. Pause. Give the audience time to absorb a profound idea or laugh at a joke before speaking again
  10. End with a strong conclusion