10 Tips for International Meetings

If you are scheduling an international meeting for the near future, check out these tips!

Confirmation: make sure you get a room confirmation because in other countries it is customary to only send a short email without dates, pricing and payment terms.

Handling credit cards: In the US, it is not usual for venues to fill in the authorization with pricing and the due date then leave it for the guest or client to sign it and add cc information. In other countries, this may be illegal. Guests need to fill in the authorization form in writing.

Booking: Find out the policies for booking hotels, transportation for clients. Sometimes event planners can only obtain quotes.

Submitting credit card information: In Ontario, only registered travel agents can pass along a client’s credit card information for hotel accommodations and transportation services.

Conference confirmations: In other countries, the confirmation for a conference will not be sent until the deposit has been received.

Check-In: Some destinations have a group check- in, but other destinations require that all guests and groups, check in at the front desk.

Dress code: While in North America, business casual is acceptable, formal business attires is expected in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Presentations and speeches: Protocol for speeches in the UK and Caribbean, are quite formal, especially the opening.

Snacks: Unlike our complimentary breakfast here in the US, Southeast Asia has hot snacks with meat and vegetable items at breakfast and all breaks.

Lunch: In other parts of the world, lunch is strictly about lunch- no working during lunch.