10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

1. What is your style? Make sure you are on the same page by determining this. The various photographic styles include: fashion, lifestyle, portrait, contemporary and documentary.

2. Do you have a portfolio I can see? This is the best indication of the photographers style and retouching capabilities.

3. Do you have a reference list? If you would like additional reviews of past work the photographer has done, this is a good way to learn even more about them.

4. Have you photographed my venue before? If they have not photographed the venue before, ask them if they will do a site visit.

5. Have you worked with my vendors before? Another good way to see who is in their circle. Chances are, they may have connections of people that they can refer you to if need be.

6. Are you photographing any other events on the same day? This will confirm how much time they can allot for your event.

7. Do you have a sample contract I can review? Can’t hurt to review their terms ahead of time.

8. How do you charge if my event runs overtime? This may vary by photographer so weigh your options.

9. How many other photographers will be at my event and who are they? Get their specs too so you can make a final decision of which group will match your needs.

10. How long will I have access to my pictures? Most photographers should have this information listed on their website.