Incorporating Health and Wellness in your Live Events

Make a statement on environment sustainability at your next event and consider these ways to make it an eco-friendly affair.

"Bleisure" has become a buzz word in the event industry where attendees enjoy a mix of relaxation with their corporate meetings. This trend was brought about to counter the stress that can go hand in hand with a demanding work schedule and the attention needed during a full day of sessions at a conference. Your next production can join the movement of mental and physical health and wellness by making game changing additions to your events' layout and agenda. Ease the daily stressors of attendees while engaging them in healthier methods to make their experience memorable and mindful – here’s how.


You are What You Eat – Nutrition Focused

We all know the boost a sugary snack or cup of coffee can bring after a morning of meeting sessions. Adding more green or vegan options to the event menu can not only be satisfying but gives healthier options for attendees trying to avoid sluggishness during a midday session. Lighter options in this case are better, low or no caffeine options like green tea or the jolting flavor of herbal mint tea can still give attendees a burst of energy without the caffeine jitters. 


Fitness - Moving Audiences and Bodies

It goes without saying sitting for any long period of time can cause a strain on the body. For some, the length of a general session can cause muscles to tense and hinder adequate circulation throughout the body. Having allotted spaces for physical activities offset these risks and gives attendees an opportunity to balance the sedentary nature of a sequence of meeting sessions with an active and stimulating break time. Naomi Parrella, M.D. FAAFP, Dipl. ABOM of Rush University emphasizes the impact of self care has on event engagement, "Your event can increase engagement, create a sense of community and boost the health and wellness of your participants with deliberate planning and guidance from content experts. Add an unexpected bonus for your attendees by embedding opportunities for them to pause and focus on themselves and each other."


Having yoga instructors or masseuses available on site is a popular trend for event meeting breaks for attendees. Delegating space for these activities and overall physical activity for guests should be announced and clearly advertised throughout your event space to make sure it is used to it’s fullest potential. Having these spaces is not only useful for attendees but a smart use of space for particularly large venues.

Naomi Parrella, M.D.
Naomi Parrella, M.D. FAAFP, Dipl. ABOM,
Rush University

"An engaging presentation on health and wellness - tailored to your audience - creates a refreshing break to share actionable tools for self care and increases the connections among the other people there. When a group learns self care tools together, they develop a common language to talk about it with each other. With this approach, progressive organizers demonstrate respect and appreciation for the participants’ well-being and further promote self care and a sense of community, all of which are especially useful for participant engagement and team building at sales events, corporate events or other types of meetings. Integrating these experiences into your gathering will ensure that people engage more fully with the event; they will absorb more information, continue to talk about the event, have less fatigue, and eagerly anticipate the next event."


Mindfulness - Finding Your Center Between Sessions

Providing a quiet space for meditation or prayer during events gives attendees the room to retreat from the chaos of a day or multiple days of sessions. Daily group led meditation offsets the energy that goes into navigating a large event space with hundreds of people and re-energizes attendees to navigate the remaining days with the calm needed to receive and retain the message from the event. Here are just a few tips for cultivating an ideal meditation space:

  • Privacy – It is possible to make a space that is both communal and private for participants. If a separate room is not available, tall drapes are useful for canceling out noise.

  • Minimize Noise Pollution – In addition to a (semi)private space, mindfulness is best attained with calming sounds to help participant focus on the present activity. Sounds of water, white noise or other calming sounds are ideal for meditation.

  • Indulge the Senses – Creating a peaceful environment for mindfulness can include creating a space that pleases not just your ears but your nose as well. Scents such as lavender or eucalyptus are commonly used to calm nerves. Be mindful of participants who may be sensitive to some scents. Sometimes no smell is the best smell. Investing in an air purifier to sanitize the surrounding area can help participants concentrate better during meditation.


Creating an environment that both captivates and calms attendees can mean bringing in professionals who can bring expertise from a variety of industries to build your event from conception to fruition. By hiring an event partner with worldwide expertise and access, you ensure all the right details will be handled properly for your production. Let LSAV POWERHOUSE’s resourceful event production team create a space that fully captures the vision and mission of your event.Visit our portfolio here and reach out to us for more information.


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