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Don’t Fall Behind – Event Trends to Use this Autumn

New construction in 2019 means new venues to keep on your radar as you plan your next event. Check out these spaces that have or are soon to open this year.

Just because our 100 days of summer is over doesn’t mean that the events have to slow down. Fall being around the corner means more opportunities to implement new and innovative ideas at your next event. LSAV POWERHOUSE, understands the changing trends that are proven to be effective in gathering and engaging live audiences.  Don’t fall behind, here is what is trending for the upcoming autumn – see how you can apply these to your next production.


Convey your Content Beyond Words

The content you present at your event can only be as good as the outlets you use to convey it. Producers are utilizing new ways of delivering content to attendees at events – most notable is the use of the senses. Voice tech is becoming more popular complement to exhibits and event features. Instead of messages being conveyed from a live keynote speaker, exhibits and interactive displays use narration or sound effects to drive the point home. There is also talk in utilizing voice tech like Alexa and Echo to audibly purchase tickets for events directly from the device.

Augmented reality is also being used to create a sensory experience. A viral clip of an AR photobooth for the Dallas Cowboys is a great example of how AR is being used to engage event goers. Giving attendees a sneak peek at new features and technology through an AR lens offers a more engaging experience than 3D displays alone.


A Work Getaway

The adage “play hard work hard” is being taken up a notch to where term “bleisure” had to be created to describe the phenomena. Event planners are booking venues and locales that cater to a more relaxed and leisurely feel while still doing all the comes with taking part in a work retreat. With the warmer months leaving us, attendees also appreciate getting away to a warm destination to beat the cold or a mild climate great for autumn Instagram posts. Looking into venues adjacent to apple orchards and other popular fall entertainment can be the healthy mix of work and fun your attendees need.


The Inception of Events

An event within an event is not just a play on Inception. Creating an environment within your event invites attendees to thoroughly explore the space and exhibits within. Keeping your embedded events “secret” is also a great way to create buzz. “Where is it, who can get in, what happens?” are all questions that drive attention to you embedded event. Creating a “speakeasy” of an exhibit at your event gives an air of mystery and exclusivity that makes attendees flock to “discover” it. Whether it’s a mini exhibit of new items to come in the coming months or a free-for-all to promote the brand, just make sure the embedded event is worth talking about.



Whether it’s heated debates on climate change or intense discourse on the Amazon, attendees today are more environmentally conscious, as a result, event producers are driven to be more forward with creating eco-friendly events. From virtual swag bags to locally produced vegetarian menu options, the producers are charged with hosting events that cut down on non-biodegradable waste, gas emissions and all other unsavory effects that linger when the event is over.


Non-typical venues

The standard hotel conference hall isn’t cutting it anymore. Audiences are craving an experience beyond symposiums and breakout sessions from one hotel complex. Event producers are venturing out to nontraditional venues from warehouses to museums and everything in between to host a memorable event. Don’t stop at the venue – furniture, lighting fixtures and decor can all be creative and functional to wow attendees.

Are you looking to be at the forefront of event industry trends? Or need help creating your developing ideas to bring your event to life? Check out our other blogs here and then contact us for a consultation.

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